The Wenger company started out as Boechat & Cie in 1893 in the small town of Courtetelle. A few years later the company was purchased by a number of entrepreneurs and renamed The Fabrique Suisse De Coutellerie SA. A short time later, Theo Wenger was hired and promoted to director of the company. The company first took on the Wenger name in 1907 as Wenger Co Limited Partnership, later in 1922 to become the company we have come to know as Wenger Co SA.

The Wenger company is now owned by Victorinox, and Victorinox is now the sole manufacturer of the official Swiss Army Soldier Knife once again.

Source: SAKWiki.com

This section includes both Wenger branded products and the Victorinox Delemont branded products that are manufactured in the Delemont (formerly Wenger) factory.

Wenger Knives


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