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Multitool.org- the world's foremost multitool information resource site gets one step better!

Most sites like Multitool.org are supported by dealers and advertisers with their own agendas and promotions.  By moving our dealership in house and covering a full line of products from all manufacturers we manage to maintain our objectivity for review purposes.

What can you expect from the Multitool.org Store?

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Top Trade In Value 
  • The Ideal Every Day Carry and Outdoors Tools

First and foremost we are tool users and tool reviewers- we know what works, and more importantly we know that not every tool works for every person.  We are happy to work with you to find exactly the right setup for your needs, and we have a whole community to back us up!


We have more multitool related experience than anyone, and we have the volume of information to back it up.  Please see our various resources:

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Why Multitool.org?

Over the past ten years we have amassed the knowledge and experience of thousands of users- you won't find a better resource for multitools anywhere on the planet- we guarantee it!